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Shop online... and earn money for our churches!

We live in a rural area which is several miles from the main shopping centres. While we like to support local trade, there are some items that can't be bought at our local shops (for example, there isn't a bookshop within ten miles of the benefice). Ordering online saves time, can often save money, and helps the environment by saving petrol. And better still, by using the links on this page, you can earn money to help support our churches at no extra cost to you.

In addition to our Amazon link, we've now added EasyFundraising to give you even more places to shop, while continuing to raise money for us.

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  • Please add this page to your Favourites (or Bookmarks), and use it whenever you want to shop online.
  • Send a link to your friends [] and ask them to join in.
  • It won't make any difference to the price you pay for your goods, but it will earn our churches some much-needed funds.
  • The money is kept in a savings account, and distributed between the four parishes in the benefice at the end of the year.

Here's what we've earned since we started this initiative...

  • 2007: £133
  • 2008: £188
  • 2009: £284
  • 2010: £304
  • 2011: £375
  • 2012: £300
  • 2013: £153
  • 2014: £88
  • 2015: £163
  • 2016: £39 (to the end of March)

Total to date: £1988 across nine years

Please help us to keep earning more in this very easy way... Thank you!